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How it Works. All you need to know.

First of all, congratulations on getting engaged!  

We are over the moon for you and delighted to be part of your big day.  We LOVE weddings here at The Room Service and we know just how important it is to get everything just right.  We promise that matters to us just as much as it matters to you. 

Second, creating a wedding list with us is really easy.  Just follow the steps below and hey presto, beautiful things will be winging their way to you - the perfect cure to those dreaded post-wedding blues. 

So, Let's Get Started.

  1. Click CREATE a WEDDING LIST in the dropdown menu above - or just click HERE.

  2. Add your personal details and the details of your big day.  You can also personalise your list with a photograph and a message for your guests if you would like to - and you can amend these details at any time. 

  3. Browse our collection and just click the ADD to GIFT REGISTRY button on any of the things that you love, to pop them into your list.  Tip: Remember to make sure you select the quantity you would like, though you can always edit this later. 


  5. When you're happy that your list is all done, just click on SHARE to send it out to your friends and family - by email, by social media or just cut & paste the link to pop it onto anything you like.

  6. All your friends and family have to do to buy from your list is follow the link or visit our website and head to SHOP a WEDDING LIST in the dropdown menu above and pop in your name. 

  7. Your list will be up and running and ready to shop straight away.

  8. You can check, manage and amend your list at any time. Just click on MANAGE a WEDDING LIST in the drop down menu above, or click HERE.

  9. We will co-ordinate free delivery of all of your goodies at a time and place that is convenient for you - along with a huge dose of congratulations from all of us here.  

Any questions? Get in touch at any time at

Need some inspiration? We can help you with that too.