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All about Monday Club | Part Two

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All about Monday Club | Part Two

Above: Shelfscape Series: Clare Lattin, by Monday Club and photographed by Kristen Perers.

We are lucky enough to have some wonderful friends here at The Room Service. Lovely people that we work with, are inspired by and have embarked upon the adventure of starting a business with. We're not the kind of people to keep them hidden away and instead want to shout from the rooftops how brilliant they are. 

Last week we introduced you to Nell Card, one half of Monday Cluba creative studio who produce words and images for established and emerging brands including The Modern House, Bert & May, Pip & Nut and The Guardian - and lucky old us. 

This week we chat to the other half of this lovely duo, Rachel Vere. 

Nell Card (left) and Rachel Vere (right) photographed by Philippa Langley.

Rachel, what is your first memory of Nell? When I first started at the Guardian, Nell worked in the same department and I remember her as a willowy, scandi-cool editor. She was definitely wary of the picture editor (me) who wanted to go on a photo shoot. As usual, I was getting far too excited about a creative concept I'd come up with and wanted to follow it through on the shoot. I managed to hustle my way in and she loved the results! 

How do you look for ideas and how can you tell if they’re any good? To come up with interesting visual ideas, I think you have to have an open mind. So, my starting point is just to start looking. Depending on where I am and what the project is, I’ll look for visual inspiration on blogs and Instagram, or I’ll visit an inspiring book or magazine shop or art gallery. Sometimes just a walk in the countryside works. Once I'm open to ideas, the task is to narrow things down and think of a way to make the visual side speak to the story.  I can usually tell I’m on to something if I can’t stop thinking about it. From that point on, it's always a collaboration. This is the exciting part: working with other people to bring an idea to life.

Jolene in Hackney photographed by Anna Batchelor

What did you want to be growing up? 

An artist. My grandfather painted and I loved to watch him and experiment with his oils and paint.

What is your favourite product from TRS collection and why? 

We’re both a bit obsessed by Jane Crisp’s trugs - that curve! It’s such a beautiful object and I have a spot on my shelf waiting for one. 

Large Ash, Brass & Copper Trug by Jane Crisp, £240

Which is your favourite hotel or restaurant from The Room Service collection and why? 

It would be At the Chapel in Bruton, for its beautiful interiors and the amazing bakery - which I wish was round the corner from my home! 

Cast Iron & Stone Candlesticks from At The Chapel, Bruton, from £350.

Who is your favourite maker from The Room Service collection and why? 

I’m fascinated by Felicity Irons, such an interesting woman helping to keep the ancient British craft of rush-weaving alive. 

A selection of Felicity's rush-woven pieces are available from The Room Service Collection.

Where will Monday Club be in five years time? Monday Club will still be finding gentle and creative ways of telling stories. Our personal series “shelfscapes” will have been published in print and online and we will be busy producing other strong, creative series together. Our animator, who is the silent partner in all this, will be able to come on board full-time to help build up the moving parts of our output.   Oh, and we’ll have tech support – maybe in the form of my seven-year-old son, who is very nearly employable already.

The Room Service Collection, styled by Monday Club and including Jane Crisp Trug and Ren London Table Runner. 

Missed the first interview with Nell? Read it here. 

Find out more about Monday Club: @monday___club